While You Were Sleeping…Overnight Skin Heroes

Do you have those few key products that you just know are going to guarantee a better skin day in the morning? I have a lot of skincare (quite the hoarder over here!) but the following are long time loves and those that I have come to depend no matter the problem.

Heal gel sunday riley good genes alphah liquid gold chantecaille jasmine and lily healing mask sunday riley luna

Night Time Skincare That Works!

Heal Gel is a pretty new product in this house. I actually mentioned it in my previous wishlist post. But let me tell you, I will NEVER be without this little potion again. Originally developed by a team of plastic surgeons wanting to provide their clients with a cream that would aid in healing skin post surgery this little ol’ bottle of magic works wonders on skin conditions such as scarring and even helps reduce spots (well I have found that it has). It also aids in helping any type of skin heal, I actually used this on my ankle a while back when a shopping trolley attacked me and took a chunk off the back of my ankle. Ouch. But after a few day of rubbing the smallest bit in  my ankle healed well enough to be able to wear shoes with backs again #nomorebirksforwork.

Sunday Riley’s Good Genes was actually the very product from this brand I have tried and I’m now on bottle number two. You really only need the tiniest amount – a full pump is overkill in my opinion. It contains lactic acid which helps with exfoliation and reveals beautiful soft, smooth plump skin the next day. The smell is a little odd, but I can get over that when the results are worth it.

Ahhh Overnight Facial by Sarah Chapman is a good one. If you’re all about the scent, never fear. This one smells divine. One pump is all that is needed to give a facial massage and let this beautiful oil sink in and do its job while you sleep. Infused with vitamins, antioxidants and a myriad of other good stuff I wake to plump and glory skin whenever I use this. I actually don’t use this one really regularly, I’m not sure why, but I kind of save it for when I really need to wake with great skin. There’s also a morning version of this oil which is gorgeous too. The only downside with this one is the container is completely opaque so you never can see when you’re about to run out and you only get 15mls of oil 🙁

Alpha H Liquid Gold, I’m sure everyone and their nanna has heard of this one. Used 2-3 times a week and you’ll have perfectly exfoliated smooth baby skin. Also is really handy on any spots or scars that crop up. Love love love.

When my skin is stressed or just in a bit of a mood I crack out the Chantecaille Jasmine & Lily Healing mask. Can be used as a mask, but I find it is 100 times more effective as a night cream. Talking about divine smells, this one take the cake. I’m the biggest sucker for a Jasmine scented anything so this one is right up my street. My skin can be easily irritated and I always have some degree of redness across my nose and cheeks but this little wonder does a brilliant job of calming and hydrating my skin. My winter (especially) must have.

Lastly, Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil. To be honest, I’m not exactly sure how or what this does for my face, but I can say I just wake up looking radiant after this one. I apply directly after cleansing most nights and follow with a serum (usually Good Genes) and moisturiser. This was my first foray into the world of Retinol and I have since tried another product but this one is far more kind to my skin and I have experienced no dryness when using this one. That’s not to say its not as effective, I feel that because its suspended within a oil formula it just works better for me. Being in my 30’s anti-aging is high on my priorities list with skincare and as they say – prevention is better than the cure – so I’m really enjoying this retinol experience!

Do tell me… have you tried any of these? Who is your overnight hero?

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