The Perfect Palette Tag

Gotta confess… This will be the very post I’ve been tagged to do. So, thank you Beautylymin, for popping my tag cherry. Lols xx. If you don’t read her blog, you should! Go click on over and add her to your bloglovin feeds, she’s a star.

The Perfect Palette Tag

The Perfect Palette Tag

The Perfect Palette Tag

The Perfect Palette Tag

Just quickly, I’m fully aware that the Nars Virtual Domination Cheek Palette is in the photos. I must have been having a brain fart the day I took these pictures. Ok, so onto the questions. Here we go.

Question 1: Best Packaging:
I’m going to have to go with Mr Tom Ford on this one. It’s almost a bit of a tie with the Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel (those stars!) but those mahogany and gold little cases just scream luxe to me. Plus they have an awesome sized mirror. Bonus point. If you’re interested I have Nude Dip and Orchid Haze.

Question 2: Best Colour Payoff:
Ooooh this one is hard! Ok, ok, I’m going to go with Lorac Pro Palette.

Question 3: Most Versatile:
Beautylymin I’m being a copycat for this one. Too Faced Chocolate Bar all the way.

Question 4: Best for Travelling:
We must think alike or something because the Nars Narsissist Palette was the first palette to come to my mind too. Great colour selection, sturdy packaging, complete all rounder.

Question 5: Biggest Regret:
Oh easy peasy. Urban Decay Naked 3.

Question 6: Best Colour Names:
I’m the WORST at remembering shade names. So I will just say Urban Decay in general, as I probably can visualise more shades and names off the top of my head than any other. You know, without quickly googling Temptalias swatches when I’m commenting on a post to check that I’m not going to sound like an utter bonehead. Bad blogger.

Question 7: Least Used:
Naked 3 and Illamasqua Semblance Multi Facet Palette.

Question 8: Most Used:
Of all time it’s the Chanel Les 4 Ombres in Mystic Eyes. I have two Mystic Eyes as I hit pan on two of the shades and I loved it so much I just couldn’t live without. I haven’t used this palette in so long. This post is making me all nostalgic now!

Question 9: Most Loved:
Well I guess the answer will be the same as the above, but if we are talking recent loves it’s got to be the Laura Mercier Eye Artists Palette. Perfect mix of mattes and satins and the palette has a purpley tonal thing going on which I love.

Question 10: Desert Island:
I wouldn’t be worried about eyeshadow on a desert island! But if I had to take one….Naked 1. Don’t ask me why. I just think it’d work for the beach.

I’m not going to tag anyone specifically but if you want to do this tag then feel free and leave me a comment and I’ll come by and check it out.

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