A Radical Skincare Trial

At the end of last year I posted a Christmas Gift Guide featuring a brilliant trial pack – The Radical Start – from Radical Skincare. Well, I’ve finally gotten around to using each of the products included (and practically finished them all now) and I’d like to share my experience and also my top picks from what I’ve tried from the line so far.

Radical Skincare

Radical Skincare

Firstly, it doesn’t seem that this pack was only a holiday offer as the Radical website still has this pack for sale as does Mecca and Net-A-Porter. I have professed my love for these type of trial/travel packs in the past as they are brilliant at giving you an idea if the products will work for you, what you like, what you don’t and where you want to spend your dollars on full sizes.

To be perfectly honest there’s no ‘dud’ here. All the products I used are effective and had only positive effects for me. But there’s a couple I like more than others, so lets work from the bottom upwards (and when I say bottom I don’t mean they’re no good).

Radical Skincare

Radical Skincare

I will start with the Radical Anti-Aging Restorative Moisture 15ml. I actually quite liked this moisturiser for during the day throughout summer. It is lightweight and absorbs quite instantly. It is packed full of nutrients and anti-oxidants and is quite soothing. Radical Skincare make claims that there products are formulated for even sensitive skin and I would have to agree that it is soothing and causes no irritation.  My reservation with the moisturiser is that it is not always quite enough moisture for me. I need something quite hydrating – especially overnight – and this one just wasn’t enough. If you are normal/combo or oily and you have a little skin sensitivity I would be betting you’d quite like it. My other concern would be the price, it is very pricey for a moisturiser and even if it was everything I wanted in a moisturiser I’d still far prefer to direct funds into a serum. The question of whether I’d buy this full size? I don’t think so. But if you like to get spendy on your moisturiser and your skin falls into the norm/combo to oily and sensitive range, you likely will not be disappointed.

Speaking of serums, onto the Radical Advanced Peptide Antioxidant Serum 15ml. Serums can be rather tricky to gauge the efficacy of after a short period of time using them. They’re not designed to offer you instant gratification and I understand why some people can be confused by them and think they are a waste of money because there’s no ‘dramatic’ overnight change. Serums to me are very important as I feel they are like a healthy diet. Yeah sure you can crash diet and lose a shit tonne of weight by restricting food but eventually it’s all going to come creeping back. Whereas you get a balanced healthy diet down pat and your weight and general health will all fall into place. Eventually. To put it in the famous Pantene words ‘it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen’. Radical Skincare claim that this serum will fight 16 causes of aging, reduce wrinkles and their depth, improve elasticity and firmness and also increase the skins hydration and softness. Again, formualated for even sensitive skin it will help with breakouts and also redness in the skins appearance. It does all of this by being formulated with anti-oxidant collagen boosting ingredients and will shield against free radicals and help defend against future damage. The texture is very ‘cream like’. End of the day, I can’t claim to see any ‘hugely significant’ changes to my skin after almost using up a 15ml travel size sample. But, I also wouldn’t expect to see a dramatic result. When using this serum my skin does feel adequately hydrated and I will definitely attest to it helping with redness (an issue that drives me bonkers with my skin). Will I buy a full size? I certainly wouldn’t rule it out. 

I really enjoy using the Radical Eye Revive Crème 5ml both day and night. My under eyes can get quite dry and I find this suitably hydrating for overnight as well as under makeup. It does a beautiful job of not only providing me with a hydrated surface but it is also soothing, cooling and tightening – exactly as Radical claims. Radical also claims this eye cream can decrease wrinkle depth by 50% in 4 weeks of continued use, which I cannot attest too as I have 5ml trial size, but I am not convinced (as I wouldn’t be with any brand claiming such a dramatic result). I do have some fine lines and I didn’t notice any major changes. They also claim to decrease discolouration/dark circles around the eyes but as this is not a concern that I have, I can’t comment. I certainly don’t mean to sound negative about the Eye Revive Crème as I would definitely consider a full size purchase of this at some point, I just personally don’t get such bold claims that would be so hard to deliver to the masses. You are literally setting yourself up to disappoint at least a proportion of people, which I can’t imagine you’d want to do to your customers. Anyway, rant over. All in all, yep I really like this eye cream. It does exactly what I need an eye cream to which is essentially be hydrating enough and give my under eyes are smoothed and less puffy appearance. 

For me, the star product here is the Radical Age-Defying Exfoliating Pads (15 pads). My skin absolutely loves these. Formulated with both AHA and BHA multi fruit extracts these pads really deliver on the exfoliating side of things. They have a suitable ‘tingle’ but are certainly not too harsh, but neither are they too little to give you good results reasonably quickly. I do have to confess, that I rarely come across an acid/liquid/pad exfoliater that I don’t like, I just seem to get on really well with them in general. But what I do like about the Radical ones are the inclusion of ingredients such as Chamomile as it really does provide my skin with zero irritation and I have experienced no negative results from using these. My skin feels soft & smooth and looks clear when I use these pads. This is my second 15 pad pack of the Age-Defying Exfoliating Pads (I had previously bought a travel size pad pack earlier last year) and I even bought my Mum a 15 pad pack to try and she also fell in love. I have purchased a full size (as well as one for my mum – hi mum!) when Look Fantastic had some kind of 20% discount code going on.  

If you are interested in the Radical Skincare brand, I could not recommend this travel/trial set more. It contains enough product to really get a good idea about which products you are most interested in. 

Radical Skincare is no bargain brand. You are paying premium prices for premium products. As always I would encourage you to shop around for the best prices if you are interested in any of the products. Sign up to emails from Look Fantastic, Feel Unique or other worldwide shipping sites and wait for those discount codes – sometimes up to 25% off.

Have you tried anything from Radical Skincare? Are you a loyal one brand person or a many brand person when it comes to your skincare? I am a bit of skincare junkie now, but in the past I have definitely been a ‘one brand’ person.

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