Scent, Memories and New Scents to Make Memories With

I always find it completely fascinating how a scent can trigger incredibly vivid memories. Sometimes they magically transport you to a place and other times a long gone era. And then there’s the most heart-tugging of all – the scent memories that bring you back to a person.

I can still remember exactly how my Nan’s house smelt when I was growing up. It was a mixture of menthol cigarettes and Glen 20. Sounds kind of gross these days really, but if I ever walk past a person on the street smoking a menthol cigarette I get major Nan memories (FYI – my nan is still with us and is in tip top shape – she just doesn’t smoke anymore). Same for the Glen 20 – which I don’t know if it’s a worldwide thing – if not, it’s an aerosol air freshener – I always get just a little touch of Nans house in my nose.

Growing up, my parents were always very “signature scent’ kind of people. My mum, the classic that she is, wore Chanel no5 and she still loves and wears it although she does mix it up more now. But when she does wear it, she smells like Mum. Obviously she is my mum regardless, but Mum of 25 years ago if you get me. My Dad was a Joop man and as far as I know that’s still the only one he wears. It totally gives me a headache, but the tug of memory is strong with that fragrance.

I can still smell and remember the scents of two of my family members who have passed. Sadly the voice of one of them, lost longer ago, has left my brain, I can only remember words that he said, rather than the way he said words.

Newborns. If you’re a mum or a dad, you will have to agree me surely. Newborn baby scent is intoxicating. Sometimes, freshly out of the bath, Pj’s on and in bed my 3 year old still has a whisper of baby smell. I always snuggle him extra tight and inhale. The times are getting fewer and farther between. Soon he’ll smell like my 10 year old which is a mix of sweaty hair and socks. But hey, I’ll be sure to remember that too in 10 years when he’s grown up.

The vast majority of scent memories I have are from childhood and teenage years, perhaps because my memory of actual events/occasions is pretty blurry, but a scent can throw me right back there. Like high school. CK One was HUGE. And Davidoff Cool Water – one of my friends and I were absolutely obsessed with that. I remember the smell of the house we had up the coast. The smell of the school canteen with the wafting scent of Vegetable Pasties straight out of the oven.

There’s at least a hundred or more other scents I could discuss and list in point form for those interested – Anyone? No?

So I really wasn’t planning on the huge ramble above. The entire point of this post was to chat about some very NEW scents that have entered my world that are really doing something for me. I started to wonder about what scents around me right now 2019 will be future Blanches triggered memories in 2029 and well, you just read the waffle that came out.

Ouai Perfumes – North Bondi & Melrose Place

Very recently (finally – or were they released in Australia previously when they were LE?) two of the OUAI fragrances launched here. North Bondi & Melrose Place. Aussies – get yours at Sephora AU.

I will drop the notes of each scent below, because while I can describe a memory or how a scent makes me feel, I unfortunately am not brilliant at properly discussing perfume notes. So we will just lift them from the old google machine how about that?

North Bondi is fresh, sweet and vibrant. Having been to Bondi Beach and the surrounding areas many times, I can smell the inspiration. It’s sweet, youthful and floral, but I get salty vibes in there too. Très Summer.

Top Notes
Bergamot, Apple Blossom, Raspberry, and Italian Lemon. 
Middle Notes
Rose de Mai, Jasmine, and Violet. 
Base Notes
Patchouli, Sandalwood, and White Musk.

Melrose Place is a rose based floral and in a way (or ouai if you’d please) feels more Autumn/Spring compared to North Bondi’s hot summer evenings on the sand vibe. If you’re a fan of the OUAI Rose Hair and Body Oil (um yeah I am duh!!) this is that scent bottled.

Top Notes
Champagne, Pink Peppercorn, Berry, and Lychee. 
Middle Notes
Peony, Rose, Freesia, Jasmine, and Bergamot. 
Base Notes Amber, Sandalwood, White Musk, and Cedar-wood.

The bottles are simplistic elegance and have a nice weight to them that defies the quite reasonable price point. Oh, and the magnetic lid closure is pure joy. Like serious actual joy. It’s little touches like this that really just make the product iykwim.

Boy Smells Petal & Prunus

More super chic minimal packaging right here with this gorgeous candle duo. Prunus has been on my wishlist since the launch of Boy Smells in Mecca earlier this year. It was a hard task choosing between the two at the time but I knew eventually Prunus would be back in smells.

Playa New Day Mist

I have burned Petal a couple of times now and the throw of this candle is exceptional. I can smell the soft floral and feminine scent waves the entire way through the house. Also major props to a (so far) really clean burning wax – which is a coconut and beeswax blend if that’s something you wanted to know.

Notes – tree flowers, rose, sage and patchouli

Yet to burn Prunus, but its coming real soon. Prunus is darker, green & fruity – think winter fruits. I may change my mind on how I think it smells once I burn it. But fresh out of the box, I’m infatuated and this is on my list of things to burn ASAP.

Notes – oak moss, fig, plum, vanilla and yuzu

Playa New Day Mist

Quite possibly the BEST smelling hair product on the planet. Now I totally appreciate that scent is not the sole (nor secondary) purpose of this mist.

But in actual fact, it is the third purpose of Playa New Day Mist which is provide fragrance and refresh the scent of your hair. I can assure you that it takes its job very seriously. My god, the scent alone would make me buy again even if was otherwise less than stellar.

OUAI perfumes Melrose place north bondi

Luckily for me it is completely awesome and does exactly what it says it’s going too. Second (or third…. or fourth – I’m not here to judge) day hair is almost magically whisked back into a socially acceptable style – knots and kinks be gone – hair feels smoother to the touch with a hint of shine and just a touch of hold.

But also…. it smells insane. And that’s actually the most important part for this review.

Playa New Day Mist is also another recent release at Mecca for the Aussies.

Wrap it up now Blanche

Thanks so much for stopping by and having a little story time with me. I’d be over the moon if you wanted to tell me a scent memory of yours. Or you could just tell me what your fave scented product is and I will inevitably have to add it to my wishlist. You choose xx

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