The Box by Caroline Hirons & Cult Beauty

Had to be done. The Box. So many goodies! The Box by Caroline Hirons & Cult Beauty is an edited collection of some of skincare guru & goddess Caroline Hirons favourite skincare products of the now. I received mine yesterday and obviously have not had the chance to try all the things but I did manage to slap a few of these beauties on my face last night and this morning so I thought I’d talk through a couple of my first impressions.

Caroline Hirons Cult Beauty Box

The Box by Caroline Hirons & Cult Beauty

Caroline Hirons Cult Beauty Box

The Box by Caroline Hirons & Cult Beauty


First up I gave the RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream a go. After years of promising to get aboard the coconut oil train I had still not ever tried it. Wow, this stuff really does destroy makeup and grime. The texture is somewhat like a regular balm, but I found it didn’t quite dissolve completely into a liquid as easily as some other balms and seemed to be a little ‘chunky’ in parts but the smell was beautiful and smelt of coconuts as you would imagine (duh) but not in an overpowering way. As a first cleanse/makeup remover the RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream on first impressions is quite good. I would be a little hesitant to use as a second cleanse as I found it more difficult to remove than other oils/balms.

The other cleanser included in the box is one that I am going to very prematurely declare a firm favourite and it is the Skyn Iceland Pure Cloud Cleanser. The cleanser is of the creamy variety and has the most beautiful soft citrusy scent. I loved it so much I used it last night and this morning! I recently picked up the Skyn Iceland Pure Cloud Cream as part of a little haul I did courtesy of some birthday vouchers & cash and so far I am loving this also. This brand is firmly on my radar now and I can’t wait to discover more from Skyn Iceland.

Pixi Glow Tonic was included in The Box and I have used and loved this already. If you’d like to read my thoughts on this exfoliating toner you can view my post here.

A product I was really curious about was the Skin Owl Eye +. I applied this eye cream both last night and this morning and my first impressions are that this is a brilliant eye gel for daytime wear especially under makeup, but my eye cream preference of an evening is for something more rich and creamy. I know this sounds weird but I like I literally almost want to feel greasy after my night-time routine. The gel texture really does feel cooling on the eye, sinks in quickly and de-puffed my tired eyes this morning and my makeup went on top lovely and is so far wearing well today. But I do think it takes quite a while to form a proper opinion on eye creams, so I will keep you posted!

Odacite Hydration Serum Concentrate (Pomegranate & Rose Geranium) is basically a hybrid between an oil and serum. And firstly, I just gotta say, it smells gorgeous! You can apply a few drops of the oil directly to your face or you can mix in with a little of your night cream to boost your skins hydration – which is what I like to do with these. This is the second Odacite Serum I have used (I also have the Vital Glow Serum Concentrate) and can honestly say, a teeny tiny amount of this oil goes a long, long way.

Products included in the box that I have not yet managed to find the time to slap on ( you know, being less than 24 hours after The Box arrived into my hot little hands) are –

The Pommade Divine – Natures Remedy Balm which from what I can gather is like an all purpose wonder balm helping to heal anything from cuts & burns to eczema & psoriasis. Now I am not going to cut or burn myself specifically for a review, but I can’t imagine I will remain injury free for too long. Review pending. Haha.

Ren Skincare’s Omega 3 Optimum Skin Serum Oil was included in a 10ml mini size. From the description I can decipher that this is basically an anti-aging serum which protects against free radical damage. I’m always on the hunt for anti-aging serums so I am excited to give this a try!

Lastly is the Alpha-H Essential Hydration Cream which is exactly what it sounds like – a moisturiser. Claiming to give 24 hours hydration without being too rich and suitable even for problematic or sensitive skin I am quite keen to give this a try soon. This was included in a 30ml travel size – still a great size to really get a feel for the product as most full size creams range from about 50ml or so.

To say I am pretty happy with my first impressions of these products is a little bit of an understatement. I am beyond pleased with the bits included and can’t wait to try out the rest! The retail value of the box is £100 and has an included value of £170.

Initial stocks of The Box by Caroline Hirons & Cult Beauty have sold out but there will be another release on the 21st September and from what I can gather it will be on a made to order basis. So if you want yours, my guess would be it would be wise to pre-order. You can pre-order here.


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