Luxury Wishlist 

If there’s one weakness I have, it’s skincare. And not just any skincare, it’s the harder to find, increasingly organic it seems and generally expensive skincare. Short of robbing an armoured vehicle these items may be on the wish list for a while #needtowinlotto

One place I know I can indulge in luxury is Cult Beauty. Seriously I could spend hours on that site. Free worldwide shipping just sweetens the deal. It’s no wonder I have a major Wishlist going on in my account.

I thought I’d share a few  a lot of the products that are dying to jump in my shopping basket.

First off it’s the MV Organic Gentle Cream Cleanser. I have the Rose Soothing Moisturiser and it is lovely. Perfect balance between hydrating and non greasy. I’ve been really enjoying using it throughout the day. So this cleanser is next on the MV shopping list.

Next it’s on to Aurelia. Would you just look at that packaging. Seriously are they not the prettiest little jars ever? Again, I’ve tried something from the range previously so these two are destined to belong in my bathroom at some point in the near future. The Revitalise and Glow Serum is said to be anti-ageing and give you a “radiant glow”, I could use this! The Miracle Cleanser seems to have some great reviews around the web and by the sound of chamomile, rosemary, bergamot and eucalyptus I dare say it will smell dreamy.

Ahh, the Verso Super Facial Serum. I had a sample of this a while back and managed to get about 4 applications out of it. This is one effective serum. It’s uses retinols and I have to say my skin loved it. I am definitely looking forward to one day owning the full size. The whole range looks fabulous actually, but if I had to pick just one, this would be it.

The HealGel is something I haven’t heard a great deal about, but it looks to be a bit of a multitasker. I had the mother of all breakouts over Christmas and any thing to get rid of a little scarring underneath my jawline would be appreciated.

Lastly, is Oskias Micro Exfoliating Balm. This one technically should not be on the Wishlist as its on its way to me as we speak. Cult Beauty was running a promotion a week or so ago whereby if you spent over a certain amount you received a free goody bag. The contents looked amazing so I did make a sneaky little order (shhh) but it hasn’t arrived yet so it still counts as a wish right? Lol.

Have you shopped with Cult Beauty previously? What’s on your luxury skincare wish list?

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