Empties #4 Out With 2015, Hello 2016!

Hello lovely readers! Apologies for the impromptu radio silence, the lead up to Christmas and the holiday season just got overwhelming. So firstly I hope each and every one of you had a beautiful Christmas spent with family, friends and all the awesome food.

We are closing 2015 with an empties. What better way to end the year than getting rid of the trash and making space for all the new beauties that Christmas (and the sales) has brought hehe. In actual fact, since taking these photos two weeks back (yes, it was planned to go up before now) I have accumulated a few more but I’ll save them for next year. I’ll try to keep it brief as there’s quite a few and let you know if I would/already have re-purchased.

Empties December 2015

Empties December 2015

Pai Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser (mini review here) Great cream cleanser. Gentle, effective and perfect for stressed or sensitive skin. I really liked the scent of this one also. Would I repurchase? I would but haven’t as yet.

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel (reviewed here) What can I say? This cult cleanser is one of my all time favourites. Unless something absloutely miraculous comes along I think I will always have a bottle of this in my stash. Repurchase? Already have – although I have not cracked it open just yet.

Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm Another cult favourite and one that’s well worth a spot. I will quite happily use this as either a first or second cleanse as it performs both functions beautifully. The scent and texture are just spot on. Repurchase? Another ‘already have – but not opened yet’ I’m working on finishing up some stuff!!

La Roche Posay Serozinc – A brilliant spray toner on the budget side, great for blemishes or to calm down inflamation. Pain in the butt to get a hold of, but if you’re lucky Look Fantastic seems to sporadically decide to ship this international. I’ve had luck twice getting it to Australia but other times on the site it restricts shipping. Luck of the draw I guess! Repurchase? I do have a couple of spares due to ordering a few bottles when I’ve been able to have it shipped.

MV Organic Skincare Rose Hydrating Mist I really liked this rose hydrating mist and I’ve really enjoyed most of what I have tried from MV Organics, but I do think this is a pretty pricey mist and not one I’m going to be in a hurry to replace. I have found a brilliant budget rose mist that I also really enjoy – Kosmea Rosewater Mist (review here) and I’m also pretty infatuated with the Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Mist (review here) . Repurchase? Beautiful as it is, probably not.

Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask Oh my word, this is contender for All-Time Faves Masks! This mask is likely the most luxurious deep cleansing mask I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. It clarifies the skin without stripping it and it smells absolutely divine. Repurchase? Didn’t need to, already have one!

Kate Sommerville Deep Tissue Repair This was definitely a Hirons inspired purchase one day when I had some Mecca vouchers buring a hole in my purse, cause this pot is pricey with a captial P. I guess if you think of it as a serum rather than a moisturiser it take a bit of the sting out of it. Maybe. To be perfectly fair I didn’t notice a dramatic enough difference to justify a repurchase. So repurchase? No.

Pai Chamomile & Rosehip Calming Day Cream If you are looking for a hydrating non-offensive day cream, then this may be the one – especially if ‘organic skincare’ appeals to you. Loved it! Especially throughout the cooler months when my skin would feel a little more senstive. Repurchase? Not as yet, but wouldn’t rule it out come winter.

Radical Skincare Skin Perfecting Screen (review here) I adore this sunscreen. I am currently torn between this and two other daily sunscreens and I love them all equally! I am planning a SPF post shortly, so will discuss it in comparison to the others then. Repurchase? Yep!

Radical Age Defying Exfoliating Pads Another Radical product, another love. Honestly, from the few bits I’ve tried, this is a brand to watch in 2016. My skin really loves chemical exfoliators and this one is no exception. I currently have another 15 pad pack as part of a gift set (spoken about here) that I am super excited to test out along with the other products. Repurchase? Likely when I run out of the other set.

Chanel Hydra Beauty Creme – Only a tester size, but this is one beautiful face cream. The smell and hydration are incredible. Repurchase? Well in this case it would be a first purchase… Not sure, maybe if I found myself with a gift card or two. I certainly wouldn’t knock back a few more samples at the counter though lols. Actually I think if I were to purchase any Chanel Skincare it would be the Micro Serum (spoken about here) – I’ve had a few samples of that and I fell in love.

Resultime By Collin Paris 5 Expertise Eye Cream Another sample size. I really like my eye creams on the creamier/thicker side, hydrating but they still need to work well under makeup. This ticked all my boxes. Repurchase? Loved the sample so much I bought a full size.

Chantecaille Magnolia Jasmine and Lily Healing Emulsion Sample size again, I am huge fan of the Chantecaille Jasmine & Lily Healing Mask (review here) and just like the mask my skin loved this lighter/day cream version. Repurchase? Maybe one day, this is one spendy cream!

Empties December 2015

Empties December 2015

Make Hair Soft Shampoo and Conditioner (reviewed here) Having gone through a few of these I have moved on to some different products now, but I can’t argue that is a great shampoo and conditioner set. If you like your hair soft, shiny but still manageable this duo is fab. Repurchase?  Not at the moment, but never say never!

Koh Gen Doh Pure Cotton After getting jack of shitty cotton pads I went on a little eBay binge and pretty much bought all the cottons I could find to test out which I liked. So expect more cotton reviews!!! Koh Gen Doh cottons are pretty good. Not too pricey but they aren’t your average supermarket wipes either. Repurchase? Maybe.

Shiseido Facial Cotton I’d rate these softer and less likely to fluff apart than the Koh Gen Doh. Worth a repurchase for sure!

Clean Puff Natural Cotton Horrible. Worse than the instigators of my ‘Cotton Haul’ Fell apart after a couple of swipes. Repurchase? No way.

Swisspers Makeup Pads  Where it all began. They’re not technically ‘bad’ – certainly not when you compare them to Clean Puff – but they aren’t fab either. Good enough, but I do like the KGD and Shisedo much more. Repurchase? Probably at some point purely for the convenience of being available at the supermarket.

Benefit Gimme Brow Great tinted brow gel for when you’re in a hurry or feeling to lazy to fill brows in properly. I prefer a clear gel if I have filled in properly and reserve this just for lazy days. Repurchase? I think I already have another floating around here somewhere.

Chanel Perfection Lumière The one and only Chanel foundation that I hate. Actually there’s another I’m not a massive fan of, but in general I really really love Chanel base products. This one always felt cakey and wasn’t kind to my pores. It’s also not the best shade for match for me (12 Beige Rose) and I have had it for well over 2 years, it’s not smelling so fresh anymore so it’s just time to get rid of it. Repurchase? No.

Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation I don’t know what ever posessed me to purchase this. This is fuller than full coverage. Like moreso than Estee Lauder Double Wear. I felt claustraphobic with this on my face. Shade match was a bit of a miss also. Repurchase? No.

Well I hope you enjoyed this ridiculous amount of empties. Have a happy and safe New Years Eve and I’ll catch you all in 2016!

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