The Skincare Cull

I’ve been a little ruthless clearing out my bathroom cabinet recently. There were a few products I’d been keeping for reasons unknown as they are just not for me. Whether they are not suitable for my skin any longer or I just plain don’t enjoy using them, I am doing it. I am doing a skincare cull!

The Skincare Cull

The Skincare Cull

Eve Lom Cleanser – I didn’t purchase this, it came as a GWP a while back so it’s a deluxe/travel size – 30ml. I’ve used this cleanser a grand total of once. I hated it. I hate the smell. Even after using it as my first cleanse, then going in with another cleanser after and then going on to do the rest of my skincare I could still smell it on my face. It’s got a real medicinal smell and honestly, I just can’t stand it. Out it goes.

Ren Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial – Great concept, but it’s not something that wowed me. The gritty (fine grit, but still gritty) texture doesnt appeal to me and I never find myself reaching for it. For a quick pick me up I much prefer the Dr Brandt Oxygen Facial.

Kate Sommerville Exfolikate Gentle – Again, another gritty product which doesn’t appeal to me. The scent is very toothpasty reminicent also. I know it’s a cult product, but it’s one I just can’t get onboard with. If I ever do fancy a more traditional exfoliant I do have the Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser (review here) or the Oskia Micro Exfoliant Balm.

Elemental Herbology Moisture Milk – described as an ultra light facial hydrator, I do agree. But it’s way too light for me. I did purchase this last summer when my skin was a little more on the combo side and I still thought it was a little on the light side then, but it did work ok for me on really hot days under makeup. It doesn’t give me anywhere near enough hydration these days, but it would be perfect for someone on the oily/oily-combo spectrum though.

Embryolisse Émulsion Hydra-Mat – Again, another moisturiser that just doesn’t give me enough hydration anymore. Slightly more hydrating than the EH^ but still not enough. Would likely be good for someone on the oily/combo skin side.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Awakening Eye Balm – Not too bad of a daytime eye balm, but my undereyes are quite dry and I find that I really need a more emollient thicker cream to really stop makeup looking crusty under my eyes. This balm would probably be good for anyone who doesn’t have undereye dryness.

So a few I don’t like and a few that just no longer work for me. Don’t worry, they are not going straight in the trash, I have a little box of products and samples that I keep for family and friends to go through before I actually toss them out.

Do you cull often? I rarely do. I really try hard to make a product work for me first but sometimes you just have to let go. I’m especially happy if a friend/family takes and it works for them. That’s the beauty of beauty. Everything will work for someone.

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