Favourites February 2016

What time is it? It’s February Faves time! February has been a month where a lot of my favourite products from my past January & December have not changed but I do have a few new inclusions that need to be spoken about.

February 2016 Beauty Favourites

February 2016 Beauty Favourites

My love for the Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray should not come as much of a surprise to anyone that follows my Instagram feed in which I share a lot of my daily skincare routines. I use this hydrating facial spray after cleansing and/or using an acid exfoliator in preparation for applying a serum and the rest of my skincare. I also find it refreshing to use at any point in the day when I feel like my face needs a little boost of something something.

Another facial spray I am loving this month is the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist. Holy cow does this spray give a glow. I don’t use this one in my skincare routine (but you definitely can), but rather over top of makeup to dew things up and make me look all glowy and JLo-esque. It’s a total winner at this, but be warned – Don’t go too overboard with spritzing yourself as things can from glowy to greasy pretty quickly if you’re a little heavy handed. Also a little trick I’ve found is to spray before applying mascara as the spray may enable a little transfer of mascara on the lower lash line.

Speaking of mascara I’ve finished up quite a few lately (read more about them here) and I am working my way through my stash of full and sample sizes and I’ve become pretty fond of the Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara sample I have. It gives me the full thick lashes that I crave without being clumpy or smudging throughout the day.

An Aussie brand I have discovered through Maslow & Co (Australian based beauty subscription boxes – I have a post coming very soon about them!) is Rohr Remedy and their Boab and Rosehip with Vitamin E Oil. Rohr Remedy are a natural skincare company formulating their products with unique Australian medicinal plants. This oil can be used in a variety ways but I have been using a body oil and works wonders. It’s not a ‘greasy’ oil and absorbs in a reasonably quick fashion, which is good being summer here. No-one wants to use a greasy body oil in the height of summer. To clarify I wouldn’t use it in the mornings before heading out in 35+ degree heat, but of an evening after a shower it is lovely and hydrating. Never fear my Euro and American friends – they look to ship to both destinations!

Chanel Rose Dust & May Lindstrom Skin The Blue Cocoon

Chanel Rose Dust & May Lindstrom Skin The Blue Cocoon

A very old blush has wormed its way back into my current rotation is the Chanel Joues Contraste in #54 Rose Dust. I believe it is long discontinued now but does a classic Chanel ever go out of fashion? I think not. A pretty dusty pink blush with a very subtle sheen (no glitter just a little bit of luminosity). I couldn’t tell you exactly how long I’ve had this (way longer than the 18M symbol on the back of the compact) but the powder still has that familiar Chanel scent and performs as beautifully today as the day I got it so I will continue to use it and enjoy it until that changes.

Lastly I have to speak about May Lindstrom Skin – The Blue Cocoon. After receiving this in a Caroline Hirons for Cult Beauty box I am officially a Lindstrom convert. Incredibly pricey but such a little amount of this blue balm performs magic on my skin. I can see this 50ml pot lasting an absolute age. I have been using on nights when my skin is either feeling a little sensitive or inflammed and this balm sorts out any issues overnight and restores calmness to my face by morning. The star ingredient is Blue Tansy which is said to be all kinds of a wonder product with its anti-inflammatory properties and being high in anti-oxidants. Put it this way – any skin issue I am having, this balm has it sorted or well on its way to sorted by morning.

That’s it for me for February Faves. I’m turning the tables on you. What was your star product for February? Tell me in the comments x

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