Holifrog Kosi Multi Acid Mask Review

Holifrog Kosi Multi Acid Mask Review

Holifrog Kosi Multi Acid Mask
Holifrog Kosi Multi Acid Mask

We are totally going to get into the nitty gritty review of the new Holifrog Kosi Multi Acid Mask. I promise. Because it really did surpise me. But first, please let me go off on a bit of a tangent about masks and how my thoughts on these have changed over the years.

To be blunt, I am not as into (specifically wash off) masks as I once was. I don’t know if it’s come with age, lack of time, or just being in and around the skincare world for many years now but masks just dont excite me like they once did. I think intially there is a feeling of wow, this jar of ‘insert mask here’ is going to change my skincare game… and I don’t doubt that for some people masking truly is game changing for them. But is it for me? No.

Sure, they are nice to have. But in my mind, they are an extra, not a staple. A little indulgence once in a while to give me some day spa vibes and maybe a cute photo opportunity or to get teased and laughed at by the kids lol.

Anyway I get peoples reasons behind using different masks – a clay mask can help to draw out impurities, a soothing mask can help with irritated skin ect etc. But it really is my belief that you can get similar/same/probably better results through your use of serums without having to take the 15-30 mins out of your day to achieve it via a face mask.

All that said, there are few masks that make me wanna actually dedicate a portion of my time to using them. So let’s discuss the Holifrog Kosi Multi Acid Mask.

OK, So tell me all about the Holifrog Kosi Mask

What is it? As the name suggests this is a rinse off mask with a focus on acid exfoliation and skin resurfacing sepcifally via acids. The acids included in this mask are-

  • Gluconolactone (PHA)
  • Lactic, Malic and Mandelic Acids (AHA’s)
  • Salicyclic Acid (BHA)
  • Diglucosyl Gallic Acid (skin brightening & anti-inflamatory)

Unsure what each type of acid is supposed to do? In a nut shell, PHA’s are generally the mildest and great for sensitive skin, AHA’s do a heavier job of exfoliating the skin layers and providing anti-aging (hate that word) benefits – but they are still very nuanced and each performs differently as well as the molecular weights of each determine how deeply they penetrate the skin hence, how irritating each may (or may not) be. BHA is the oil-souble acid – so it performs best as clearing our skin pores and helping with blackheads/breakouts etc. Each acid (and type of acid) could have their own dedicated posts so the above is a very basic overiew.

I really appreciate the absence of Glycolic acid in this mask. Glycolic is the smallest molecualr size of the AHA group and as such has the ability to penetrate into deeper layers – so potentially could cause the most irritation. I mean, I am jealous if you can use glycolic without issue haha. My skin is just like, NO Ma’am.

Skin benefits of using Kosi Multi Acid Mask are –

  • Skin exfoliation
  • Skin Brightening
  • Helping attack hyperpigmentation
  • Improve dullness and skin tone
  • Hydrate the skin and calm inflammation
  • Acid exfoliation (as opposed to physical/manaul exfoliation) can improve the health of the skin on a more cellular level to prevent future and premature ageing
Holifrog Kosi Multi Acid Mask
Holifrog Kosi Multi Acid Mask

Is Kosi only about the acids?

Put simply, no. Holifrog would never play us like that. One of the things I love most about the Holifrog brand is their ability to create products with formulations that are just jam-packed full of good stuff… and then some more.

  • Bentonite Clay – drawing out dirt and sebum
  • Skin Cushioning ingredients ( I love the analogy on the Holifrog website – these are like putting bumpers up on your bowling lane) so basically – you cant just have a formula full of heavy hitters without burning your face off – you need to add some things in there to soften the blow!
  • Antioxidants, brighteners, humectants, anti-inflammatories

So, after using the Kosi mask, what’s the experience like?

My experience with Kosi has been nothing but positive. As someone with quite senstive skin as well as rosacea trying new products (especially actives like acids!) is a decision I don’t take lightly. I pour over ingredient lists, brand claims and sometimes even wait for other peoples reviews or first impressions before leaping in.

With Holifrog, I dont feel the same amount of trepedition as I might with other brands. I trust Holifrog and although not every single one of their products hit my ‘needs and wants’ list they don’t bullshit their claims, fill their products with unnecessary or pointless ingredients – they source and include the best ingredients possible to create beautifully well-rounded formulas – no single ingredient products to see here.

I was expecting on application of the mask for my skin to experience that acid tingle which it did but not to the extent I assumed it would. Must be all those skin cushioning ingredients doing their job right?!

Holifrog directs you to rinse the mask off after 10-20 mins. I removed probably just before the 10 min mark on my first go – I really didnt want to compromise my fussy skin barrier- but I shouldn’t have been worried. My skin was absolutely AOK. Great even! Smooth, calm and giving that glassy glowy look that only a resuracfing treatment can give.

Subsequently I have left the mask on for around 10-15 mins each time and this really is the sweet spot for me.

Holifrog Kosi Multi Acid Mask
Holifrog Kosi Multi Acid Mask

Where does Kosi fit into a skincare routine?

You’re going to want to apply Kosi onto clean skin – so after you’ve removed makeup and SPF and have cleansed your face if you are applying in the evening. Morning time, I’d just go with a splash of water (or a super gentle cleanse) if you really feel you need to do something prior.

As far as how often, that’s really quite a personal decision. But here’s some thoughts.

  • Is Kosi being used in conjuntion with other acids in your routine say, in your serums? You might want to keep Kosi for a once a week/fortnight glow up (make sure you dont use another acid serum in the same routine please)
  • Is Kosi your sole exfoliator? You might want to use Kosi up to twice a week – if your skin can handle it. Do not go ruining your skin barrier though. Maybe start with once a week?
  • For sensitive skins (like myself) you might feel like a thin layer once a fortnight to once a month is plenty. In that case maybe share your Kosi with a mate, so it doesn’t expire before you get through it all.

I’m sold, where can I buy Holifrog Kosi Multi Acid Mask?

You can buy in Australia HERE and internationally HERE.

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