Empties November 2019- Part One

Empties November 2019- Part One

Who loves empties? I can assure you that my hand is waving wildly in the air. There’s such a huge sense of accomplishment for me personally when I’ve used a skincare or hair product to the very last drop. Do you get that too? Pride man! Literally!

With the overwhelming and seemingly limitless choices we have today in the beauty world, I am going to go out on a limb and say that finishing any product is a pretty hard task. Hard, if you don’t really love it that is. And if I don’t really feel or see anything beneficial – it’s quite a chore to actually finish something. Right?!

One of my (maybe the most!) loved videos on youtube as well as reading on blogs is about is skincare, makeup, hair and general beauty empties. Hearing an opinion about a product that someone has actually finished the whole way up is a hundred times more informative and interesting than hearing a first impressions (although that’s fun too! Just in a different way). Hearing about how a product can be incorporated into a routine to give XYZ results or even hearing about how those pamper products made someone feel… Well, that’s all so totally interesting to me. Will they repurchase? Is it must have? Is it nice to have but not essential? I’m always on the edge of my seat.

So please enjoy my empties! I waffle on a ton, hence the split video – I’ll pop Part 2 (hair, body, SPF) up soon – but if you have any questions about anything mentioned please hit me up in the comments below or in the comments section on IGTV or Youtube.

Also I would love to know the last product that you’ve finished! What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for once again stopping by for a catch up! Hope to see you again really soon x

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Links to Products Mentioned

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Skincare and Beauty Empties November 2019
Skincare and Beauty Empties November 2019
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